Who Can Benefit From a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

If you have a breathing disorder that requires supplemental oxygen, a portable oxygen concentrator can help you reclaim a normal life.

A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a medical device used to provide oxygen therapy to people with a low level of blood oxygen. These devices are much smaller and more mobile than stationary home units. Because of this, many respiratory patients find that POCs help them take back their lives.

Are you wondering whether a portable oxygen concentrator is suitable for you? Continue reading to learn more about their many benefits and features.

Improved Mobility

If you feel like your mobility is inhibited with your home oxygen concentrator, it might be time to make the switch to a portable device. Your ability to work, travel, exercise, and socialize shouldn’t be hindered due to your need for supplemental oxygen treatments. A POC can help you attain the balanced and active lifestyle you once enjoyed.

Greater Independence

Your oxygen prescription shouldn’t have to limit your lifestyle. With a portable oxygen concentrator, you no longer have to wait for deliveries of oxygen tanks and figure out where you’re going to store them. Gone are the days of feeling tethered to your home because of oxygen tanks that are too cumbersome to carry. You will no longer have to schedule your life around how long your tanks will last and how many extra tanks to bring with you every time you leave your house. POCs allow you to reclaim your independence and freedom.


Is your home oxygen concentrator getting in the way of your ability to travel? POCs make it possible to get the oxygen you need at home or on the go. If traveling is a priority to you, a portable device is undeniably worth the investment. They are small enough to carry around and can operate on a battery or by being plugged into the wall. Most of these units are also FAA-approved for air travel, making them convenient for transportation.

Simplified Routine

Your daily routine might feel more complicated since your respiratory diagnosis. If your oxygen therapy routine has become too taxing, a portable concentrator can help simplify many daily tasks. These devices are incredibly easy to care for and maintain. They’re also simple to travel with and make daily errands a breeze. A POC that matches your needs can make your oxygen therapy routine more convenient than ever.

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