About Our Oxygen Supply Store's Collection

Oxygen concentrators and oxygen supplies are essential equipment for people suffering from certain lung issues or COPD. If you do not already know, an oxygen concentrator is a medical device that supplies supplemental oxygen if a patient’s lungs are too damaged to do so on their own. There are two different varieties of oxygen concentrators for sale (portable oxygen concentrators for sale and in-home oxygen concentrators) and we are happy to sell both of these along with their accompanying accessories. Continue reading below to learn more about our selection of products ready for your use. 

Home Oxygen Concentrators

O2 Assist’s home oxygen concentrators are the perfect solution for people that need higher oxygen output and are more price sensitive. Also, these are best for people that need oxygen while they sleep, as they could be more comfortably stored next to a bed while they sleep. Our vast collection of home oxygen concentrators is designed to offer our customers a wide selection of products that meet their needs while also ensuring that their machines are properly maintained. 

Oxygen Supplies for Home Use 

Our oxygen supplies for home use include essential items like cannulas, masks, swivel connectors, batteries, and anything else that might be essential to the machine that you or a loved one is using. These supplies are great for people that need replacements or those that want to have an extra lying around just in case something happens to their other accessories. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrators 

Our oxygen supply store also sells portable oxygen concentrators (also known as carrying oxygen machines). Portable oxygen concentrators are a great accessory for people that need oxygen but want to be able to exercise or walk places as well. Our oxygen supply store’s wide selection of portable oxygen concentrators provides people in need of one with the perfect match for them. 

Portable Oxygen Supplies

Since portable oxygen concentrators are also rechargeable oxygen machines, you will need the batteries and chargers associated with having to charge and recharge your machine and batteries. Having the right supplies is extremely important in portable oxygen concentration because it means that you or a loved one do not run the risk of your equipment malfunctioning or not being able to be used due to low charging. 

More About O2 Assist

O2 Assist is an oxygen supply store that is ready to help you or a loved one find the perfect oxygen concentrator or oxygen concentrator accessories for you. We offer plenty of resources for veterans, insurance information, and even a recertified oxygen program. Contact us today.