What Are Some Indications for Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is one of the most important breakthroughs in modern medicine because of its effectiveness in treating certain ailments like pneumonia and COPD. Whether it’s oxygen concentrators or hyperbaric oxygen chambers, these appliances have changed the lives of many. If you or anyone you know is suffering from these ailments or suspects that they may need oxygen therapy soon, O2 Assist is here to make sure that you understand what you can expect from oxygen therapy and what conditions call for it. So, what are some indications for oxygen therapy? Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

Criteria for Oxygen Therapy in COPD

Oxygen therapy in COPD is necessary for people that have this disease because the condition makes it difficult for people to breathe. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the body to receive the proper amount and quality of oxygen that it needs to sustain itself. People who have moderate to severe COPD should be keen to use an oxygen concentrator to make sure that they receive the quantity and quality of oxygen that they need to survive.

People who have COPD will need to use oxygen concentrators if the disease has progressed to the point that they need extra assistance to breathe. COPD oxygen therapy is made much easier thanks to our home oxygen concentrators for sale and portable oxygen concentrators for sale. 

Pneumonia Oxygen Therapy

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs that makes it more difficult for people to breathe. This is where oxygen supplementation through oxygen concentrators and other machines make it easier for people suffering from pneumonia to live their life while being affected by the condition. In cases of extreme pneumonia, some patients may even need the assistance of ventilators or breathing machines to help them through their condition. 

Does Oxygen Therapy Help Pneumonia?  

Oxygen therapy helps pneumonia because it gives the body an extra source of oxygen that would not be possible without external assistance. An external source of oxygen could give the body the help it needs as it fights the inflammation that causes pneumonia. 

More About O2 Assist

O2 Assist is a purveyor of oxygen concentrators, and we are dedicated to helping our customers with some of the machinery that they need to live fulfilling lives. We are proud to have a selection of oxygen concentrators for sale that provide many different benefits for our customers, including COPD oxygen therapy. Some of our most popular selections include: 

Contact us today to learn more from our experts about our hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine for sale and California hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and even some other indications for oxygen therapy.

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