Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance

With machines as complex and high-powered as oxygen concentrators, you will need to learn how to properly maintain them so that they are always running at their maximum capacity. Having medical equipment as vital to someone’s survival as an oxygen concentrator means that people who require this attention need to learn how to properly take care of their machines so that they can continue to enjoy them and improve their lives. In the following article, O2 Assist will detail what steps you should take in your next oxygen concentrator maintenance regime. 

Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Checklist -Materials

The first step to maintaining an oxygen concentrator is to gather the right equipment and tools. We recommend that you gather the following materials commonly found and used in your home: 

  • A soft cleaning cloth
  • Mild dishwashing detergent
  • Soft hand towel
  • White vinegar for the nasal cannula 

With these materials, you will be able to make sure that your machine is running in tip-top condition throughout its usage. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance

After gathering these materials, you could begin to clean your oxygen concentrator. Like all appliances that are used extensively at home, they will gather a lot of dust and dirt as it lays around your home. The first aspect of oxygen concentrator maintenance is to clean the outside of your machine with a damp cloth. It is important that the cloth be damp and not soaking wet because if your cloth is dripping water, this could damage some of the electronics inside of the oxygen concentrator. For maximum effectiveness, our oxygen supply store recommends that you add a drop of detergent to the cloth so that it cleans the outside as deeply as possible. 

After doing this, it will be necessary to clean the filter of the oxygen concentrator machine. To do this, you will need to turn off the oxygen concentrator and run the filter under the tap. Letting it air dry after this should be enough to make it good for use again. It is important that it is completely dry before re-inserting it inside the machine. 

After cleaning the filter, you should clean the nasal cannula by soaking it inside a tub of water mixed with detergent. After doing this, you should use a cotton swab to clean out any dirt or dust that has accumulated around the nozzle area. After completely drying it, you should soak the cannula with water mixed with vinegar (about a 1:10 ratio). This acts as a disinfectant, and after the cannula is completely dry from this, and re-insert it. 

As far as an oxygen concentrator maintenance schedule, you should be sure to clean it at least once a month. 

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