Keeping Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Great Condition

Your portable oxygen concentrator has given you the freedom that you both desire and deserve. Gone are the days of depending on an oxygen tank that contains a limited amount of compressed oxygen. Your oxygen concentrator not only supplies you with an unlimited supply of oxygen by filtering the air that surrounds you, but it is also mobile. One of the best parts about your portable oxygen concentrator is that you can take it with you on the go, including on airplanes. 

Your portable oxygen concentrator takes care of you, so you need to take care of it in return. Routine maintenance for your oxygen concentrator is a must in order to give your concentrator its longest life.

Here are some ways to maintain your concentrator clean and at its optimum performance. 

Clean the Interior

Remove your concentrator’s filter to clean it once a week. All you need is warm water and soap. Gently massage the soap into your concentrator. Avoid roughhousing your concentrator as you must be careful to not damage it. Let your filter air dry. It is crucial that air drying is the only drying method you use on your filter, as applying direct heat to your concentrator will harm it. Once your filter is dry, place the filter back into the concentrator. 

Some portable oxygen concentrators come with a replaceable filter instead of a reusable one. If your model uses a replaceable filter, make sure to change your filter every six months. 

Clean the Exterior 

Not only is it essential to clean the interior of your concentrator, but it’s of equal importance to clean its exterior. Loose fibers and dust can cling onto your concentrator, which might tamper with your oxygen supply. Take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the lint and dust off your concentrator. Use gentle movements so you don’t scratch your concentrator’s surface. 

Secure Your Concentrator

Your portable oxygen concentrator is fragile, and any fall might break it. When you’re traveling, make sure to prioritize the safety of your concentrator. If you’re traveling by car, do not let your concentrator out of sight. Place your concentrator in a soft bag or wrap your concentrator in clothing. Prevent your concentrator from sliding around your car seats. If you’re traveling by plane, stash your concentrator in between your clothes. Carry your concentrator on your carry-on bag to keep it safe and at hand. 

Keep Away From Water

The last thing you want is for your concentrator to get wet, as water damage will severely harm your concentrator, especially its nasal cannula. Do not take your concentrator into the shower. Keep your concentrator away from pools. 

Keep Away From Smoke

Do not take your concentrator around smoke. This includes the smoke that emits from a cigarette. Avoid areas where grills that are being used are present, as smoke will sneak its way into your concentrator. Smoke will damage the internal components of your concentrator. 

Check Your Batteries

Make sure to replace your concentrator’s batteries as needed. There is no set amount of time for how often you should replace your batteries, but replace them whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Make sure you keep a spare set of batteries for your concentrator so that you don’t find yourself in an unpleasant and potentially life-threatening situation. 

Your portable oxygen concentrator has granted you independence and the ability to travel hassle-free. Simple maintenance routines will not only keep your concentrator in its best shape, but it will also help you in the long run and contribute to your quality of life.