How To Prevent Your Portable Concentrator From Getting Damaged

Keeping your portable oxygen concentrator in good working condition and protecting it from getting damaged is very important.  There are several things you can do at home to ensure the safety of your concentrator. By doing these things to care for your concentrator, you not only extend its life, but you also guarantee that you will receive optimal air flow with uninterrupted service.

1. Keep Your Unit in a Protective Case

Be sure to keep your unit in a protective carrying case.  Using a protective case can keep your oxygen concentrator from getting wet and it can prevent dents and dings from damaging your unit.  Not only will it help keep your unit from becoming damaged or ruined, but it can also be quite convenient. Many of these cases have carrying handles and/or shoulder straps that make carrying easy.  Many have pockets with zippers that make storing any personal items convenient.

2. Never Leave Your Unit in a Car

A very important thing to remember is to never leave your oxygen concentrator in the car.  This is especially true for hot summer months and freezing winter months. The internal temperature of a car can easily get above (or below) your units optimal operating temperatures.  Extreme temperatures can damage circuitry inside your unit and can also erode the efficacy of your batteries.  When exposed and kept in extremely high or low temperatures, over time, your units ability to recharge lessens.

3. Safely Store Your Unit

When storing your unit, keep it upright and in a secure place where it cannot tip or be pushed over.  To keep your oxygen concentrator from overheating, make sure you do not place anything on top of it. This includes blankets, purses, jackets and other clothing, mail, books, beverages, and other items around your home.  Like all other electronics, your portable unit and has a tendency to overheat if it is blocked or covered. Overheating leads to malfunctions and can cause permanent damage.

4. Perform Regular Maintenance

Your portable oxygen concentrator requires regular maintenance.  Not only will regular maintenance protect your unit from becoming damaged, it can also extend the life of your unit.  Things like keeping your unit clean and replacing filters to help prevent any dirt and dust buildup. These things can run down your unit and make it less efficient.

5. Properly Charge Your Unit

By properly charging your unit you ensure you have enough power to get the oxygen you need and you extend the life of your batteries.  It is wise to use your batteries until they are empty; this helps to prolong their life. Once your batteries are empty, charge them to 100% and then let them completely die again.  Just be sure to keep an additional battery or two that are fully charged for when your other battery dies.

If at any point you have any questions about caring for and protecting your portable oxygen concentrator, please reach out to your doctor or contact us.  We are happy to assist you in any way we can.