Investing in a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you are still using a stationary or at-home concentrator or bulky oxygen tanks, you may want to consider an alternate method of oxygen therapy.

In order to live a more active lifestyle, enjoy new freedoms, and live your life in the driver’s seat, a change may be necessary. It is no longer difficult for those using oxygen therapy to travel by airplane, car, train, or boat. Your days do not need to be spent lugging heavy tanks around or in your bed or in a chair next to your stationary concentrator anymore.

With today’s huge technological advances, you can go just about wherever you want to go with a portable oxygen concentrator.

How Portable Concentrators Work

Portable concentrators are very similar to stationary concentrators in that they filter the air surrounding the device to create medical grade oxygen. It supplies an infinite amount of oxygen as long as it has power. They both take air in, alter it, and deliver it in its new, purified state via nasal cannula in the amount set on your machine. They are different in how they are powered, however. Home or stationary concentrators are plugged into an outlet in your home and come with a long extension cord for your nasal cannula so you can walk and move around a bit. Portable concentrators, on the other hand, are battery powered and are lightweight and allow you to freely move around.

Why People Love Portable Concentrators

These portable machines do not store oxygen in them, unlike tanks, so they are much lighter and are easy to carry and maneuver. Visiting friends and family, traveling for work or pleasure, and doing everyday tasks is easier than ever with portable concentrators. By using a tote, case, or cart, you really can take your concentrator anywhere you need to be. O2 Assist offers over ten portable concentrators; of those ten, five of them are under five pounds.

Because they run on rechargeable batteries, you do not need to be concerned about being connected to a power source. Portable concentrators will give you hours of oxygen flow when you are away from home. You can easily and quickly charge your unit in a car (with an adapter) or by using an outlet (home or away) if necessary. This allows you to stay flexible and be active in your busy life.

Sticking to your health goals and exercise routine can be daunting and physically difficult with oxygen tanks or a stationary concentrator. A portable concentrator will allow you to get out and move and can help increase your tolerance for exercise. It is very important to discuss your activity level with your doctor before starting any exercise regime.

Invest in the Best

Making the decision to invest in a portable machine could very well be the best thing for your health — both physical and mental. Prior to doing so, you need to do a couple of things. First and foremost, talk with your health care provider about making the switch. Depending on the amount of oxygen you need for your specific case and some other factors, a portable concentrator may not be for you. Secondly, if your doctor thinks you are a good candidate for a portable concentrator, you will want to research which concentrator is best suited for you. Your doctor may have suggestions for you or they may give you free rein over this. Our bit of advice is to invest in a high-quality device. This will give you the best results and the freedom you deserve. To view our selection of high-quality portable oxygen concentrators, click here.