Why You Should Get a POC

Over 1.5 million American adults require supplemental oxygen due to respiratory disorders and diseases. Many of the affected choose to use a portable oxygen concentrator to deliver their oxygen.

And for good reason! Here are five reasons why you should be using a portable oxygen concentrator.

Increased Survival

Survival is increased for those that use oxygen therapy for 15 or more hours each day. Because portable oxygen concentrators are, well, portable, supplemental oxygen can be used all day, every day, wherever you go.

Increased Stamina and Tolerance for Exercise

The use of supplemental oxygen improves oxygen levels which helps increase energy levels, giving you the stamina to get you through your everyday life. Things like cleaning your house, getting up, dressed, and ready for the day, and going on a walk or exercising become doable. According to studies performed, those that require oxygen therapy and use supplemental oxygen are able to exercise longer and more intensely, giving you better results. Better yet, use your portable oxygen concentrator while you exercise.

Improved Sleep and Mental Alertness

Oxygen therapy helps provide a more restful sleep and gives the reset we all need during the night. Not only that, but a portable oxygen concentrator can help reduce the everyday mental fogs you may be experiencing. Every part of your body is affected if you’re not getting enough oxygen, including your brain! The use of a portable oxygen concentrator keeps your body and its vital organs healthy.

Improved Mood and Self Esteem

Studies have shown that those using supplemental oxygen feel better about themselves, a boost in their mood, as well as their performance in life.

Increased Freedom and Independence

Not only does a person using a portable concentrator enjoy improved health benefits, but also it provides a sense of freedom and independence. With stationary concentrators, many people feel like they are tethered to a ball and chain. Portable oxygen concentrators are so light and easy to carry that you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Portable concentrators allow you to enjoy the things you once loved to do, including traveling! Nowadays, portable oxygen concentrators can be carried just about anywhere, via most traveling methods: car, train, cruise ship and other boats, and airplane. As expected, traveling via airplane is very strict when it comes to what is allowed and not allowed onboard with you, so it is very important to research whether your portable concentrator is approved by the airline you’re traveling with and the Federal Aviation Administration. To learn more about traveling with supplemental oxygen, check out our tips for traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator blog post here.

O2 Assist offers many different models of portable oxygen concentrators that come in different shapes, sizes, and weights. Like all things, it is important to discuss which oxygen concentrator is best for you with your doctor and what you are cleared to do (travel, exercise, etc). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team or contact your doctor.