How Long Can A Person Survive with Low Oxygen Levels?

How Long Can You Live With Low Oxygen Levels? 

It should be no surprise that oxygen is one of the most vital elements in human life. If your oxygen level is low, it can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms that are caused by your body not working properly. Some of the most common symptoms of hypoxemia, which is the medical term for having low oxygen levels in the blood, include headaches, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, coughing, wheezing, and confusion. How long can you live with low oxygen levels? O2 Assist, a top oxygen supply store, answers the question in the following blog. 

How Long Can Someone Survive With Low Oxygen Levels? 

There are varying levels of hypoxemia, and the amount of time that someone can survive with this varies depending on the severity of their condition. The normal amount of oxygen in the air at any given time is normally around 21 percent. Once the level dips below 20 percent, the mildest symptoms of hypoxia begin to manifest. If these are not corrected quickly, they could easily become fatal. Once the level of oxygen goes below 15 percent, serious symptoms of hypoxia begin to show up, which means that someone is risking serious injury or even death. At 10 percent oxygen concentration, somebody has minutes or seconds to survive. 

Someone that needs an oxygen concentrator for sale or a portable oxygen concentrator for sale will need one to ensure that the level of oxygen in their blood is continuously at the right level. 

How Low Can Oxygen Go Before Death? 

Someone that is wondering how long you can live with low oxygen levels will be asking this question because it will give them a good idea of what they could expect if their oxygen levels dip below the minimum amount that is required. The amount of time that you will have with low oxygen levels will vary based on the concentration of oxygen in the air. This is influenced by the altitude that you are in and other factors like heart and lung health. 

How Little Oxygen Can a Human Survive On? 

The minimum amount of oxygen needed for normal functions is about 21 percent. If you have a lung condition that impedes your body from receiving the minimum amount of oxygen needed, you will need an in-home oxygen concentrator or an oxygen concentrator for home use or a rechargeable oxygen machine. 

More About O2 Assist 

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