Do You Need a Humidifier for Oxygen Concentrator?

People that use oxygen concentrators regularly run into a problem that involves their mouth and nose becoming dry from prolonged use. Pure oxygen is extremely dry, which causes uncomfortable symptoms for people that require oxygen therapy. Dry nasal passages are extremely uncomfortable, but the good news is that there are humidifiers that quell this symptom. This accessory to an oxygen concentrator is not necessary, but it could make your treatment more comfortable. In the following article, O2 Assist, a specialized oxygen supply store, will detail the benefits of having a humidifier for oxygen concentrators or inhaling oxygen with humidifier assistance. 

Why Put a Humidifier on an Oxygen Concentrator? 

The purpose of an oxygen concentrator is to deliver purified and high-quality oxygen to those that have difficulty breathing. The only problem with oxygen processed through an oxygen concentrator is the fact that it is extremely dry since the oxygen concentrator filters any impurities from the air, like dust, pollen, hair, and even humidity. Using an oxygen concentrator for a prolonged period of time is bound to cause some kind of discomfort in users. Adding a humidifier adds moisture to the air that you're inhaling, which allows for more comfortable therapy and breathing. 

Home Oxygen Concentrators With Humidifiers

People that need a more intensive approach to oxygen therapy will need home oxygen concentrators. There are few oxygen concentrators that come with humidifiers, so it is often necessary to buy an extension or accessory so that people that require longer periods of therapy do not get uncomfortable. We are proud to carry these humidifiers and humidifier bottles along with our selection of home oxygen concentrators for sale. Some of our most popular humidifier products include the following:

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Humidifiers 

Portable oxygen concentrators should also have humidifiers attached to them. Fortunately, for people that require oxygen therapy, they can attach humidifiers to these appliances. To add a humidifier to one of our portable oxygen concentrators for sale, follow these steps: 

  • Fill the humidifier bottle to the recommended fill line
  • Secure the bottle cap to the bottle
  • Look for the velcro strap or containers for a humidifier bottle and later attach it 
  • Finally, attach the cannula tubing to the bottle outlet

More About O2 Assist

Aside from detailing the benefits of a humidifier for an oxygen concentrator, we are a purveyor of oxygen concentrators for sale that is dedicated to provisioning high-quality oxygen concentrators for sale and accessories that make the therapy more comfortable for users. We are proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to our customers that want to improve their quality of life. We even provide cutting-edge hyperbaric treatment for those interested in the benefits of this therapy. Contact us today to learn more about our hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine for sale or our California hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

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