DC Power Supply, SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator

DC Power Supply, SeQual Eclipse 3 & 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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The SeQual Eclipse DC Power Supply plugs into most 15 to 20 amp circuits that are found in most cars, trucks or RVs. It features a green LED light that lets you know the power supply is plugged in and providing power to the Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator.

The Eclipse DC power supply is small, lightweight and includes a unit cord of 3 feet and power cord that 6 feet. It can easily rest on any table or desk and can be carried in a purse or backpack.


Product Specifications

Product Features Intended for use with DC accessory outlets, such as those found in motor vehicles
Supplying 26VDC power
Compatible with the SeQual Eclipse 3 and 5
Built-in surge protection
Extended cords lengths enable flexible placement options
Dimensions DC Power Supply: 6" Wide x 3" Long x 1.5" High
Unit Cord: 4 feet
Power Cord: 6 feet
Product Weight 3 pounds
Warranty 90 Day Warranty
FAA Approved No
Manufacturer Sequal
Power Input: 11.5 - 16.0 VDC, 1.5A Max
Output: 26 VDC, 5.76A Max