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    The ResMed Mobi Oxygen concentrator combines the perfect balance of battery life and weight, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for portability and great run times.

    In The Box:

    Carrying Case
    Shoulder Strap
    AC Power Supply and Cord
    DC Power Supply
    User Manual


    Pluse Dose Flow, Settings 1 - 4
    6-Hour Battery Life
    Weighs Only 5.5 Pounds
    Backlit LCD Screen
    Simple Controls
    5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    Pulse Dose Flow, Settings 1 - 4
    Pulse Dose Flow applies a quick burst of oxygen when breathing is detected and is different from a continuous flow device. If breathing stops altogether, the ResMed Mobi will provide a constant stream of oxygen until breathing is detected again. The concentrator is available in flow settings 1 - 4. Continuous flow is not available for this device.
    Miss Fewer Moments With the Long-Lasting 6-Hour Battery
    Who wants to live life near an outlet? The ResMed Mobi comes with a generous battery, lasting over 6 hours on one charge. Need to be gone longer? ResMed has an optional 3-hour external battery, giving the device a total 9-hour runtime when used together.
    Weighs Only 5.5 Pounds
    At 5.5 pounds, the ResMed Mobi is light enough to carry on the shoulder, using the standard carrying case (included). The device also fits into a convenient backpack (sold separately). The concentrator is light enough to carry around without putting too much strain on the back or shoulder and is the perfect balance of weight and portability.
    This Product Includes...
    Carrying Case
    Shoulder Strap
    AC Power Supply and Cord
    DC Power Supply
    User Manual
    Product Specifications
    Battery Run Times by Flow SettingSetting 1: 8.6 hours
    Setting 2: 6.0 hours
    Setting 3: 3.8 hours
    Setting 4: 3.2 hours
    Pulse Flow Rate Information
    1    2    3    4
    Breath Rate    Pulse Volumes (mL)
    10    18.9    31.5    50.8    68.0
    15    13.0    21.4    34.3    45.3
    20    9.8    16.1    25.9    34.0
    25    7.9    12.9    20.8    27.2
    30    6.6    10.8    17.4    22.7
    Size: 7.97 in X 9.60 in X 4.49 in
    Weight: 5.5 lbs
    AC Input: 100-240 volts AC, 1-2 A, 50-60 Hz
    DC Input: 12 volts DC, 10 A500 recharge cycles
    Oxygen Concentration: 90% -3%/+6%
    Maximum Outlet Pressure: 27 psi (±10%)
    Startup Times: 5 min
    Sound Pressure (at Setting 2): 38.2 dbA
    Sound Pressure (at Setting 3): 45.4 dbA
    Sound Power Level (at Setting 4): 53.5 dbA
    Alarm Sound Pressure Level: 70 dbA