Oxygen Concentrator FAQ

If you are considering purchasing an oxygen concentrator, you may be asking yourself the following questions. Below, O2 Assist details the most common oxygen concentrator FAQ. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Is the Difference Between Pulse vs Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators?

Pulse flow and continuous flow refer to how concentrated oxygen is delivered to patients. A pulse flow machine is triggered every time a patient inhales. In other words, the machine will not work until the patient begins to inhale. As the name suggests, continuous flow machines offer a steady supply of oxygen to patients, with no need for activation via inhalation. 

Is Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel Possible? 

Yes, patients that need to travel and that need an oxygen concentrator can use those for traveling. However, flying on airplanes with an oxygen concentrator requires that the machine be approved by the FAA. Most rechargeable oxygen machines are FAA approved. O2 Assist recommends that you fly with a pulse flow oxygen concentrator because these are more lightweight and easier to transport than a continuous flow machine. Be sure to contact your airline at least 48 hours before your flight to let them know you will be carrying a concentrator.

Does A Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Car Exist?

While there is no oxygen concentrator designed entirely for use inside the car, patients could easily travel with one if it is portable. However, an in-home oxygen concentrator cannot be used inside the car since it requires a lot of energy. 

Is Oxygen Concentrator Maintenance Difficult? 

No, oxygen concentrator maintenance is not especially difficult, however, it requires that you take care of it consistently to experience the best results. You will need a soft cleaning cloth, a mild detergent, a soft hand towel, and vinegar to clean your oxygen concentrator. 

Where Can I Buy an Oxygen Concentrator?

Looking for oxygen concentrators for sale online is generally regarded as the easiest way to purchase one. However, this requires plenty of research because sometimes, websites will sell you an oxygen concentrator that does not provide medical-grade oxygen. Be sure that the website that you purchase these machines from, is asking for prescriptions, as they are needed to purchase an oxygen concentrator. Our oxygen supply store is a great place to begin searching for the device that you need. 

How Long Do Oxygen Concentrators Last?

The standard for how long oxygen concentrators last is about 4-7 years. This will vary depending on the frequency of use as some require much more attention than others. Our oxygen concentrators for sale and portable oxygen concentrators for sale are of the highest quality and will last a long time. 

Can I Buy A Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Yes, O2 Assist offers used portable oxygen concentrators for sale thanks to our re-certified oxygen concentrator program. We also offer used oxygen concentrators for home use for those that need them. 

Is Oxygen Addictive? Will I Develop a Dependency? 

No, Oxygen is not addictive, but it can cause oxygen poisoning if used incorrectly. Our medical oxygen supply store notes that the risks of oxygen poisoning are grave and patients should be continuously monitored for symptoms. Therefore, there is no risk of developing a dependency-like addiction, although it is obviously necessary to stay alive. 

What Are Nasal Cannula for Oxygen Concentrators? 

A nasal cannula is a medical device used to provide supplemental oxygen to patients. These portable oxygen concentrator accessories have two prongs that are inserted into the nostrils and provide oxygen directly into the patient’s nostrils. 

What Are Face Masks for Oxygen Concentrators? 

Facemasks for oxygen concentrators are placed directly over the patient’s nose and mouth instead of only the nostrils. These are primarily used for people that need a higher rate of oxygen than others. 

To learn more about our products, feel free to visit our home oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen concentrator, and oxygen concentrator accessories to learn more. 

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