Lester Tenney Breath of Life Program

O2 Assist Launches Lester Tenney Breath of Life Program to Help Deserving Veterans
Company to provide a free Portable Oxygen Concentrators to COPD sufferers each month.

O2 Assist, a leading supplier of personal oxygen solutions today announced the launch of the Lester Tenney Breath of Life Program that will provide deserving Veterans in need of supplemental oxygen, free portable oxygen concentrators.

Mr. Tenney was a World War II Veteran and a Bataan Death March Survivor who suffered with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).  “Mr. Tenney’s courage and tenacity inspired many of us at o2assist,” said Andrew Kardish, O2 Assist CEO. “In memory of Mr. Tenney, we have created a platform in which Veterans who require oxygen can register to win a free machine--matched to their personal needs and requirements--each month.”

“Les would have liked that!” reflected Betty Tenney, Mr. Tenney’s widow.
COPD is a progressive disorder causing breathing problems and often psychological stress. COPD can be caused by exposure to harmful pollutants and impure air, fumes, particles, and dust that military men and women are commonly in contact with. O2 Assist witnesses on a daily basis the benefit that oxygen therapies can provide to those with COPD.

Oxygen concentrators provide purified oxygen of the highest degree that can be delivered straight to the beneficiary through a nasal cannula. Since the airways and air sacs become weak in a COPD patient, the oxygen concentrators ensure a continuous and ample supply of oxygen at all times. In fact, many day-to-day functions like traveling, sleeping and physical activities receive a boost with portable oxygen concentrators. Most trains and airlines will allow the patient to carry a portable oxygen concentrator with them during their journey. The extra oxygen used up by the body during exercise is replenished within moments by an oxygen concentrator. Patients also report they can sleep peacefully throughout the night knowing they have supplemental oxygen should they need it, relieving a psychological stressor.

About O2 Assist
O2 Assist is a leading supplier of portable oxygen equipment from the world’s top brands. The Lake Forest, CA based company has emerged as the favorite personal oxygen resource for patients with oxygen needs. Trusted clinicians help patients with tailor-made oxygen solutions whether portable or home oxygen concentrators. O2 Assist provides competitive pricing and a Price Match Guarantee, in addition to no money down financing options and special discounts for Veterans. For more information about O2 Assist, please call (866) 285-0655.