Joey's Friends Too

Joey's Friends Too

From Virginia Dente ( Joey's Mom )

I like to keep everyone updated on the really great things that Joey’s Friends Too is doing so here we go...

There is a beautiful little girl in Puerto Rico that because of the devastation brought on from the hurricane needs to come here for medical treatment. She has multiple medical issues one being her need for oxygen. Unfortunately, her oxygen apparatus is not FAA approved which means she couldn’t fly to New York. The family couldn’t afford to purchase her a new machine so JFT did.
Sounds simple right...I wish!

First I contacted the company that the child's Aunt asked me to call, O2 Assist and ask for Andrew. Who I later found out is the CEO, go big or go home is our new motto!! I set everything up with Andrew as far as purchasing and shipping. It had to come to our house since PR is not accepting any type of mail deliveries.

The next part is where it gets a bit tricky. How do we get this life saving equipment to this little girl. In comes Joeys Friends Angel with real wings... Maureen Humel, Maureen works for Jet Blue. Jet Blue sends planes down to PR every few days with supplies. The next plane is leaving today Saturday. This meant I had 1 day to get the machine. I call back Andrew and explain the newest developement without even an extra breath he told me no worries we will express ship it today (Thursday) and you will get it Friday early morning at NO CHARGE!!!!!

Friday Morning 8AM the boxes were at my door. With all my paperwork filled out and the boxes marked correctly, all I have to do is get it all (40lbs) to the airport. Thank God for Monica Soluri, I called for help and she came!

We went to the Jet Blue terminal and were greeted by 2 of the nicest Jet Blue employees, Melissa and Sham!! They listened to my story with love and concern and we all cried together.

am hopeful that the equipment gets to Jeylian as soon as possible so she can come here and receive all of the care and medical attention she deserves. Please pray that her family receives the information regarding the pick up of the equipment, their cell and internet service is very spotty.

THANK YOU Andrew Kardish, O2 Assist
THANK YOU Maureen Humel, Jet Blue
THANK YOU Monica Soluri

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From the O2 Assist Team

It isn’t often in life where you are able to build a business that primarily puts the best interest of others ahead of your own, but we have done just that at O2 Assist.

We are a provider of supplemental oxygen resources to oxygen dependent patients. Every day we are blessed with the opportunity of providing life changing independence to our patients by offering them financially affordable solutions to their reliance on supplemental oxygen.

COPD or pulmonary disease is indiscriminate as to whom it affects. It is the third leading killer in the US with only 1/3 of the patients being properly diagnosed. We help people breathe. What a rewarding experience!

We have had the privilege of assisting many individuals over the years in providing viable personalized oxygen solutions to them. When we learned of Jeylian’s special needs and her Guardian Angel’s, Joey’s Friends Too mission to help, we just had to jump in and assist in any way we could.

We were already aware of the needs of our friends in Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricane, assisting with others emergency oxygen needs. However, this was indeed “special”. There were so many moving parts that had to come together in order for this to succeed, we just had to help. With Ms Dente’s passion and determination leading the way we knew it couldn’t fail. So, we pulled out all of the stops and made it happen. We will always be ready to assist Joey’s Friends Too and the causes they serve.

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