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Sometimes, patients need portable oxygen concentrators if they want to maintain their active lifestyle or travel while being supplied with oxygen that is essential for their well-being. These machines are highly sought after because they are less of a hindrance to someone’s lifestyle. These are either battery-operated or light and portable enough to be plugged into a wall so the user can switch rooms more easily. Below, O2 Assist details more about these kinds of oxygen concentrators (often called carry oxygen concentrators) and the benefits they can provide to you. 

More About Our Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Sale

As opposed to our oxygen concentrators for home use, portable concentrators are designed to be small and able to be transported everywhere that the patient needs. That makes traveling on cars and airplanes easier because they can get a consistent flow of oxygen. Home oxygen concentrators are more bulky and less portable, which means that the user has to be in the same room where they get their oxygen for as long as they require oxygen therapy. There are many pros and cons to portable concentrators, and we are ready to detail them below. 

Disadvantages and Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators 

The most glaring advantage of a portable oxygen delivery device is that users can enjoy more mobility as they undergo their treatment. This means that they could enjoy being outside, sporting events, picnics, and any other regular activity they may be a part of. 

One of the most common disadvantages of a portable oxygen concentrator is that they are more expensive than an in-home oxygen concentrator. The comfort and convenience come at a price that many are willing to pay because they are not relegated to staying in the same room as the oxygen concentrator. Whether the benefits of a portable concentrators are worth the price is a personal choice, but one that we recommend because it increases the quality of life of patients. 

What Are the Best Travel Oxygen Concentrators for Sale? 

There are many different kinds of portable concentrators that people could choose from. The kind that is best for you is completely personal. Whether you are more suited for a rechargeable oxygen machine or one that requires a battery, our oxygen supply store has got you covered. We also offer a variety of different oxygen concentrator accessories that might be necessary for you to be fully covered. Contact our medical oxygen supply store today to learn more. 

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