What to Look For in a Stationary Concentrator

When it is time to select a stationary concentrator to fit your at-home oxygen needs, there are a variety of models to choose from.


When making your selection, considering where you live, your typical activity level, and the purpose for using oxygen can help influence your decision. Stationary oxygen concentrators are diverse in their benefits and features, so continue reading to learn which concentrator is the best to fit your unique needs.


Flow Rate

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a stationary concentrator is its flow rate capabilities. Flow rate indicates the rate at which oxygen can travel from the machine to the patient using it. Your doctor will advise the ideal flow rate for your situation, so be sure to consult with them first before making your selection.


Oxygen Concentration

Another aspect to look for in a stationary concentrator is the oxygen concentration level. After being compressed and filtered, the oxygen that is outputted to the patient has a certain percentage of pure oxygen content, or oxygen concentration. Again, your healthcare provider will help you determine the most ideal oxygen concentration level for your needs, so be sure to select a model that is within that range.


Noise Level

As concentrators draw in air from the environment and filter out the oxygen, this can produce a certain level of noise. Some machines create a trifling level of white noise, while others can be quite loud. If you are sensitive to noise, you might want to consider a silent machine.



Oxygen concentrators come in a wide range of sizes and portability. For a stationary concentrator, consider your typical activity level to determine which size is best for you. Some units are more high-powered than others, and as a result, are naturally much larger and heavier. If you plan to easily travel around with your machine, consider a portable concentrator for easy transport.


Ease of Use

When comparing different stationary concentrators, another feature to note is the model’s ease of use. Each model is designed to provide the highest quality of life and therefore, has different settings and features to make that happen. When selecting your concentrator, choose one that is easy for you to operate based on your physical condition. Additionally, make sure to read through the user manual carefully before using the device for the first time. Understanding its settings and how to properly change them will make the machine much easier to operate.


Purchase Your Stationary Concentrator from O2 Assist

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