What To Look For In A Portable Concentrator

Purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator is a big decision. This is something that will be with you a significant amount of time. Your POC is a piece of medical equipment that will greatly impact you, the decision should not be taken lightly.
Before purchasing, take into account how this concentrator will meet your needs and fit into your life. Doing your research and ensuring you get the features you require will certainly pay off.

Weight and Size
There isn’t much point in having a portable concentrator if it isn’t very portable, right? Test out the weight and size of the concentrator you’re looking into purchasing. Is it comfortable for your to carrying around? Does it fit well into your lifestyle? Be sure that it is a comfortable weight and size for your before you commit.

It's important to take care of your concentrator, but sometimes things just happen. You may drop it, it may get banged up, sometimes it’s inevitable. When this happens, you’ll be thankful that you have a durable machine that won’t fall apart so easily. It should be able to stand up to a little wear and tear. Make sure the casing is tough and durable.

Oxygen Delivery
Concentrators come in a variety of options for oxygen delivery levels. Since the purpose of your concentrator is to provide oxygen for you, it’s important that you ensure that the model you choose can provide the amount of oxygen you require. Consult with your doctor to determine your supplement oxygen needs before purchasing a concentrator. Certain concentrators also admit oxygen differently. There is the continuous flow or pulse dosing. Some concentrators will offer both options. These flow options are not usually just a matter of preference but a matter of medical need.

Most all concentrators come with a filter—but not all filters are created equal. There are antibacterial filters or other special filters for patients with weakened immune systems or allergies. If you have special requirements for your concentrator, take that into account as you shop around. No matter the concentrator you end up with, you will need to clean and change the filter regularly.

Does the model you are considering come with a warranty? The warranty on your concentrator may make it more valuable and save you from needing to repurchase. Some warranties will last longer or cover different things. Do your research!

Battery Life
Depending on your lifestyle, you may want a longer battery life. A portable concentrator should give you the freedom to live your life without being tethered to a wall. Batteries typically last two to four hours. You can also purchase extra portable batteries or portable car changes to ultimately prolong your battery life.

Some concentrators will emit more sounds than others. The volume can range quite a bit. If you spend time in noise sensitive areas or will be bothered by the buzz of a concentrator, you may want to look for a quieter model.