What is Oxygen Therapy and How it Can Help?

Oxygen is absolutely essential to human life. It is found in the surrounding air that we breathe. However, if you suffer from a chronic lung disease, you may need supplemental oxygen to support your body and its organs for normal functionality.

Chronic diseases and other conditions like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, severe asthma, cystic fibrosis, and sleep apnea may require supplemental oxygen.

Oxygen therapy is easily used at home and on the go, thanks to portable and stationary concentrators. Oxygen therapy can help give you your life back by helping you feel better, get (or stay) active, sleep better, and have the energy to do everyday tasks.

What You Need to Know When Using Oxygen Therapy

An oxygen therapy prescription may feel overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that it will likely improve your life immensely. Your oxygen prescription is based on the amount of oxygen you need, when you need it (all the time vs. exercise vs. sleeping, etc.), your current lifestyle, and your insurance coverage.

The oxygen flow rate shows how many liters of oxygen are flowing per minute and will be determined by your healthcare provider. Again, this may feel overwhelming and with that comes lots of questions.

Be sure to contact your doctor with any and all questions or concerns you may have. Oxygen is a drug and should be used exactly how your healthcare providers say. You should also be very careful and read our list of safety tips here.

Getting Started with Oxygen Therapy

You will get with your doctor to determine which type and how much oxygen is right for your specific case by conducting some tests. These tests will measure how much oxygen is in your blood during rest, exercise, and possibly sleep. Be sure to be open and honest about your needs and lifestyle with your provider and explain what you want to be able to do while using oxygen.

This is a great time to bring up any questions or concerns you have.

Once everything is decided, your doctor will give you a certificate of medical necessity that states you require supplemental oxygen. Make sure it says the exact type and the right amount of oxygen you require. After you have this certificate, you can select your equipment. It’s important to remember that your oxygen supply company is not your doctor and cannot make decisions for you about your oxygen.

O2 Assist has a great selection of portable and home concentrators and necessary accessories. The team is happy to assist you in any way they can. Once you have your equipment, it’s vital that you learn how to properly use it. Ask any and all questions!

How Oxygen Therapy Can Help You

Oxygen therapy will change your life for the better. It can help decrease feeling short of breath, decrease feeling fatigued, and increase your overall energy levels. It can help you sleep better at night, giving you the energy to do everyday things like walking the dog, taking the stairs, exercise, household chores, and more.

Oxygen therapy can help you feel better and get you as healthy as possible.