What Are Wearable Oxygen Concentrators?

As our understanding of oxygen concentrators and the different ailments it treats progress, there has been a greater focus on how to seamlessly integrate them into our daily lives. One of the most common ways that this technology has progressed is by making them more ergonomic and wearable. If you or a loved one needs assistance from oxygen concentrators, you will likely be in the market for a wearable device since these allow users to live a relatively normal life and even be outdoors for long periods of time. If you want to discover more about wearable oxygen concentrators, continue reading below to learn from our experts in the field of oxygen concentrators. 

What Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

As the name suggests, portable oxygen concentrators are machines that deliver oxygen to people suffering from lung ailments. These machines allow users to seamlessly enjoy their everyday lives. Portable oxygen concentrators are usually designed to be small and lightweight, making for extra comfort when someone is using them in their everyday lives. These machines ease the burden that people needing oxygen therapy will have to carry when they are out of the home and performing their everyday activities.

There are many different kinds of portable oxygen concentrators, each with a different set of unique advantages and disadvantages. Most portable oxygen concentrators are meant to be charged and will be compatible with most energy sockets found in a home. A brief overview of some popular wearable oxygen concentrators can be found below.

DeVilbiss iGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator  

This portable oxygen concentrator is one of the most sought-after units because of how lightweight it is. This classifies as a wearable portable oxygen concentrator because it is extremely portable for its users. Aside from being lightweight, this concentrator is small, which means that it can fit in a specially designed backpack or store away almost anywhere in the home when it is not in use. Lastly, another reason why this device is so popular is because of how durable it is. The iGO2 comes with a protective overmold that ensures that it is protected from falls that could occur during regular use. This is especially beneficial for people that want to maintain a semblance of an active lifestyle while they receive the attention that they need to improve their life. 

Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This device is popular among those looking for a light and ergonomic machine because of its long-lasting battery. When it comes to wearable and portable concentrators, you are going to want a device that provides your treatment at all times of the day or when you are performing regular everyday tasks. Another important aspect of this device is the fact that it comes with a carrying bag, which makes it easy to transport and use while out doing regular activities. The One G3 is specially designed in a manner that makes it easy to charge when it runs out of battery. This makes it one of the most popular portable concentrators in the market. 

Do I Need a Portable Oxygen Carrier? 

A portable oxygen carrier might be necessary for those that want to take advantage of all that a portable oxygen concentrator can offer. Portable oxygen carriers are essentially bags that fit oxygen concentrators in them comfortably so they can be effectively transported or carried around from place to place. This is a popular accessory that our business is proud to provide for our customers. 

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