Travelling with Portable Oxygen Concentrator

How Does Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel Work? 

If you have an oxygen concentrator, you may be wondering how you could travel with it or if you could take it on airplanes. As one of the best suppliers of portable oxygen machines on the internet, O2 Assist could give you a detailed explanation of the limitations that come with portable oxygen concentrator travel and how you could begin to plan your vacations accordingly, whether you are flying on an airplane or driving to a destination. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators Allowed on Airplanes? 

Yes, portable oxygen concentrators are allowed on airplanes, but the Federal Aviation Administration requires that you present a copy of the prescription. However, some airlines may not allow their passengers to carry their portable oxygen concentrators, so it is best to check in with the airline you will be flying with beforehand. An important thing to note is that some airlines’ policies regarding where you could take your oxygen concentrator will also vary. For example, some airlines may require that you use the onboard oxygen while on the airplane and may allow you to use your portable oxygen on the runway. We recommend that you call airlines with plenty of time beforehand so you understand all the rules and regulations before your trip. 

How to Travel With an Oxygen Concentrator in a Car 

There is no reason you cannot travel with an oxygen concentrator in your car. However, it should be noted that you should be very mindful of how long your trip will be and add extra travel time to account for unexpected problems. It is also important to note that you should try your best to avoid areas with higher elevation since this makes breathing more difficult. We recommend that you check out our portable oxygen concentrator for home and portable oxygen concentrator for travel selection to see which one could be the best option for you.  

More About O2 Assist 

Aside from detailing how portable oxygen concentrator travel works, we could assist you with providing you with the oxygen concentrator that you need to live a fulfilling life. If you are interested in viewing our full selection of oxygen machines, including carrying oxygen machines, rechargeable oxygen machines, and home oxygen machines, contact us today. 

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