Top 5 Oxygen Concentrators in 2021

There are dozens of oxygen concentrators on the market, so it can be challenging to know which device is the perfect match for you.

Many aspects go into selecting your respiratory device from where you live to your activity level and the purpose for using supplemental oxygen. Today, we’re making your decision easier by offering five of our top picks for portable oxygen concentrators. Keep reading to learn more.

Inogen G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you’re looking for one of the smallest and most lightweight devices on the market, the Inogen G3 portable oxygen concentrator might be the perfect selection for you. Although it’s small, the G3 offers the power that respiratory patients need. It also boasts a four-hour battery life and contains audible alerts in case of a power outage. The Inogen G3 Concentrator was even named “best overall portable concentrator in 2021” by Very Well Health.

Inogen G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If size is one of your top priorities, the Inogen G4 portable oxygen concentrator is the smallest device this popular brand offers. This technology stands out from the competition with three separate flow settings and almost immediate oxygen delivery. It can be carried over the shoulder or placed in a backpack for maximum portability. 

DeVilbiss iGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The DeVilbiss concentrator is equipped with SmartDose Technology that automatically adjusts oxygen delivery in real-time to meet the patient's needs. Additionally, it weighs less than five pounds, is easy to read, and is guarded with a protective sheathing. Compared to other portable devices on the market, the DeVilbiss iGo2 provides the most consistent battery life.

SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Very Well Health deemed the SeQual Eclipse 5 concentrator as one of the most energy-efficient models available. If battery life is a priority, this unit delivers that and more. Its AutoSAT technology sets it apart as it helps maintain the same amount of oxygen consistently. Be aware that this device is on the heavier side weighing about 18 pounds.

Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

You can’t go wrong with Respironics’ Simply Go portable oxygen concentrator for a device that upholds the best continuous flow. This unit is approved for use up to 10,000 feet and has six pulse settings. This option weighs about ten pounds and comes from a reputable brand known for its durability.

Purchase Your Oxygen Concentrator from O2 Assist

At O2 Assist, we have such a wide selection of oxygen concentrators that you're sure to find the device that will feel like it was made just for you. We believe that oxygen therapy should never feel like a guessing game; that's why when you buy one of our concentrators, you'll be connected to a personal oxygen specialist that will be there to answer any questions about your oxygen device. If you're interested in starting oxygen care, contact your healthcare provider to learn more. And when you're ready to buy, make sure to browse our extensive collection of home and portable oxygen concentrators. Get in touch with us today to get started!