Pros of a Refurbished Oxygen Concentrator

When someone needs an oxygen concentrator, they may be initially discouraged by the price of machines like these. As useful as these machines are, it may be difficult to deal with the machine’s price, and working with insurance companies can be quite challenging. In addition, oxygen concentrators are purchases that need to be made by balancing other factors like the manufacturer, pricing, delivery, accessories, and even warranties. When comparing all of the different factors, buying a refurbished oxygen concentrator may be a viable option for you to consider. To learn more about the pros and cons of a refurbished concentrator, continue reading below for more from O2 Assist.

Refurbished Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Some of the most popular oxygen concentrators are portable ones. Portable oxygen concentrators for sale, such as the ones that O2 Assist provides, are perfect for those that want to maintain an active lifestyle but also receive the oxygen treatment that they need. Portable oxygen concentrators usually cost between $350 and $995 when they are brand new. One of the most popular advantages of purchasing these machines when they are refurbished is the lower price.

Even though these machines are used, our oxygen supply store is dedicated to ensuring that these pre-owned oxygen concentrators are rigorously tested for high quality and performance. Portable oxygen concentrators are delicate pieces of machinery, which means that your refurbished piece will need to be in peak condition to function properly. Our professionals make sure that your refurbished machine is in peak operating condition so that you do not have to worry about your treatment. 

Refurbished Home Oxygen Concentrator

Home oxygen concentrators are usually more powerful than portable oxygen concentrators. There are many reasons why these machines are more powerful than their portable counterparts. For one, their power source comes directly from the electrical grid rather than a charged battery. This means that they will never run out of power or experience decreased effectiveness when the battery begins to run low. 

While home oxygen concentrators can be more “heavy-duty,” they still need to be properly cared for when they are being refurbished. One of the advantages of having a refurbished home machine is that many of the parts are often covered by warranties. This means that you will have a larger chance of having a fully updated machine when it gets to your home. Having a machine like this that is fully updated will also mean that you will enjoy the treatment it gives for a long time. Put simply, an advantage of having a refurbished machine is reflected in the price and the condition that you get the machine. 

Where to Get Refurbished Oxygen Concentrators for Sale 

There are many ways that you can secure a refurbished concentrator. One of the key considerations that you should have when purchasing one of these machines is the business that is selling them. A refurbished oxygen concentrator from a reputable company like O2 Assist virtually guarantees you will be sold a high-quality machine that will effectively give you the treatment that you need. We recommend you check out our re-certified oxygen concentrator page today to learn more about our machines and what they can offer you. 

More About O2 Assist

O2 Assist is an experienced purveyor of oxygen concentrators. We are dedicated to helping our customers get the machines that they need to live their life with the oxygen they need. Our wide selection of products is specially curated and designed to cover any aspect of treatment that our customers may need. Our wide selection of products includes the following:

Aside from our oxygen concentrators, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy options. Our California hyperbaric oxygen therapy machines are designed to provide a type of treatment that can assist people with various conditions and ailments. These include traumatic brain injuries, depression, and spinal cord injuries, and these can even provide skin benefits. If this kind of therapy calls your attention, then O2 Assist might be able to help. We can also offer you a hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine for sale. Contact us today to learn more.