What Is the Impact of Air Pollution on Lungs?

Earth Day is a day intended for people to commemorate our planet by protecting it from things like pollution and deforestation. An important consideration about protecting our planet from pollution is the fact that it also impacts our health. With Earth Day around the corner, it may be important to understand the impact of air pollution on the lungs. As a top supplier of oxygen concentrators for sale, O2 Assist is here to detail the negative impact that air pollution can have on the lungs. Continue reading below to learn more.  

Air Pollution and COPD 

While it is not yet totally determined which kinds of air pollution cause COPD, it is important to realize that air pollution can exacerbate the symptoms of COPD and possibly cause a flare-up. Also, air pollution could cause other adverse effects like directly impacting the nervous system, digestive system, and nervous system. If you have COPD, it is important to limit your exposure to outdoor and indoor pollutants, so you do not experience a flare-up of COPD symptoms, which could cause COPD patients to be hospitalized. 

It is also crucial to understand that different kinds of air pollutants could impact your health, which is usually divided into indoor pollutants and outdoor pollutants. Outdoor pollutants include those associated with combustion like car engines, while indoor pollutants are tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, and asbestos. Monitoring your indoor air pollution is especially important if you have a home oxygen concentrator. 

Other Types of Respiratory Diseases Caused by Air Pollution 

Yes, over-exposure to air pollution could be a contributing factor to lung conditions. While it is not completely settled whether air pollution could cause COPD, the impact of air pollution on the lungs is proven to cause asthma and lung cancer. To limit your risk of developing these conditions, you should monitor how much pollution the areas that you will be going to have and wear a mask if possible. 

More About O2 Assist

We are a supplier of oxygen concentrator machines that are dedicated to providing people with COPD and other lung conditions with the equipment they need for their everyday lives. If you are interested in learning more about our portable oxygen concentrators for sale, oxygen concentrators for home use, rechargeable oxygen machines, carry oxygen machines, or in-home oxygen concentrators, contact us today.  

Impact of air pollution on lungs

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