How Much Electricity Does an Oxygen Concentrator Use?

Since oxygen concentrators are domestic appliances that plug into your walls and use some kind of electricity, you may be wondering how your electric bill will be impacted and whether you can afford to use one. As an experienced purveyor of various oxygen concentrators for sale, O2 Assist is here to detail how this can impact your monthly expenses and how you can begin to use this kind of oxygen therapy to improve your quality of life. How much electricity does an oxygen concentrator use? Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

A Look Into Oxygen Concentrator Wattage

How much electricity does an oxygen concentrator use? The answer depends on many factors. Oxygen concentrators use a specific amount of wattage depending on the size and model of the oxygen concentrator. Some of our home oxygen concentrators for sale use a range of watts ranging from 120 W to 585 W. The larger the appliance, the more electricity it will require to operate regularly. This is a primary concern for home oxygen concentrators because these are typically plugged into walls for more intensive therapy instead of portable ones that use an external battery.

Home oxygen concentrators vary greatly depending on the kind of assistance that you will need, so we recommend that you research this thoroughly because it could impact your electricity bill greatly. In some cases, people that need assistance from home oxygen concentrators could get assistance with paying for their electricity because this technically qualifies as a medical expense. 

Does an Oxygen Concentrator Use a Lot of Electricity if It Is Portable? 

Portable oxygen concentrators use electricity to charge their batteries. Since these are mostly used throughout the day, they will not be plugged into the electrical sockets in your home as much as a home oxygen concentrator. In fact, the only time that you will be using your home’s electricity is to charge the battery in between uses. Like their stationary counterparts, a portable oxygen concentrator for sale will use different amounts of electricity depending on the size and purpose of the machine. Someone that needs more intense therapy will need to use a larger battery or charge it for a longer period of time. 

Backup Battery for Oxygen Concentrators

A person with a portable oxygen concentrator might need to have a battery backup for the oxygen concentrator. It never hurts that our oxygen supply store is proud to carry many backup batteries for a collection of different appliances. Some of our selection of oxygen concentrator backup batteries include: 



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