Home Oxygen Concentrator in Car

Home oxygen concentrators are some of the most sought-after oxygen machines available on the market because of their utility and effectiveness. However, these pieces of equipment do come with their limitations. One of the principal limitations that some oxygen concentrators for sale bring is the fact that they most likely could not be used in any other location except the confines of a home. With some cars having the ability to power certain items commonly found in a home, you may be wondering if it is possible to use them inside of an automobile. Can I use my home oxygen concentrator in my car? O2 Assist explores below.

Where to Place an Oxygen Concentrator - Is It Possible Inside a Car? 

Someone that owns a home oxygen concentrator and will be traveling far away will need to plan their travel so that they do not run the risk of forgoing their necessary oxygen treatment. Effective planning is needed in this situation because it will not be possible to run an oxygen concentrator inside of a car because they require an amount of energy and electricity that can only be found inside of a home. 

Can I use my home oxygen concentrator in my car? The short answer is no, but there are some things you could do to travel with a home oxygen concentrator. 

If you or a family member find themselves in a situation where they need to travel with a home oxygen concentrator, we have the following tips to help you out.

  • Map out your route
  • Carry more than one oxygen supply
  • Avoid areas with high elevations because of the lack of oxygen
  • Secure your items in the car so that they do not fall over
  • Keep windows slightly open
  • Bring extra accessories or supplies
  • No one in the car should be smoking


How to Use an Oxygen Concentrator in a Car

While there is no such thing as a car oxygen concentrator, there are portable oxygen concentrators that could be used while riding in a car. These portable oxygen concentrators are usually more lightweight and less bulky than a home oxygen concentrator for sale. You could check out our portable oxygen concentrator for sale options to see which one is best for you. 

What Are the Best Car Oxygen Concentrators? 

If you are asking yourself, “Can I use a home oxygen concentrator in my car?” you may be wondering what the best ones for use in cars are. While there are no oxygen concentrators designed specifically for cars, there are some great portable oxygen concentrators that work great during tips because of how compact and lightweight they are. These include:

Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator



    Can I Buy an Oxygen Concentrator for Home Use? 

    O2 Assist is here to provide some of the best home oxygen concentrators on the market. This includes many other accessories and products that make your time under oxygen treatment more enjoyable. These include used home oxygen concentrators for sale and oxygen concentrator machines that may be easier for people that are on a budget to afford. Our oxygen supply store also offers portable oxygen concentrator backpacks, such as the Inogen One G5 backpack. Contact us today for more information.