Everything You Need to Know About a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

What does it do?
A portable oxygen concentrator or POC is an oxygen providing machine powered by a rechargeable battery or portable battery. These devices allow you to get the oxygen that you require while still being on the move with your everyday life. Many POCs also come with car adapters so that you can charge in vehicles. With a POC, your need for oxygen won’t be restrictive.

How does it work?
POCs take in the air around you and compress oxygen. They remove the nitrogen from the compressed air and send purified air through a tube to the user. This process is continually repeated as needed. Airflow is generally adjustable to meet the needs of the user. A POC is a safe and easy way to get clean oxygen wherever you go.

What makes up a portable oxygen concentrator?
A compressor, sieve bed, tank, and nasal tube make up a POC. The compressor compresses air that it intakes and the sieve bed filters it to remove the nitrogen and create purified oxygen. This oxygen is then pushed into the tank and through the nasal tube to be delivered to the user.

Why should you try one?
Unlike regular oxygen tanks, a portable oxygen concentrator will allow you to be mobile without worry of running out of oxygen. There are lightweight and compact POC options that can easily be transported and carried around. A POC can keep up with you and your lifestyle without requiring you to slow down.