Do Pawn Shops Buy Oxygen Concentrators?

If you are in the market for a home oxygen concentrator for sale or a portable oxygen concentrator for sale, you may be wondering where you could purchase one. A popular kind of store where you may be able to find an oxygen concentrator is pawn shops. Pawn shops are places where people can find valuable second-hand items, which logically means that people that want an oxygen concentrator may think they may find a new one. Do pawn shops buy oxygen concentrators? And if they do not, where can I sell an oxygen concentrator? In the following article, O2 Assist will explore the topic further.

Where Can I Sell My Portable Oxygen Concentrators? 

For someone that has an oxygen concentrator that they do not use anymore, finding a suitable place to sell it could be difficult. Unfortunately, for people looking for somewhere to sell their oxygen concentrators, pawn shops are usually not a good option for them. Pawn shops are usually more dedicated to selling items like jewelry, watches, firearms, electronics, power tools, and collectible sports cards.

The reason that pawn shops are more hesitant to sell medical equipment like an oxygen concentrator machine or oxygen tank is that they are too specific for pawn shops to resell. In other words, the everyday pawn shop believes that the possibilities of someone that needs an oxygen concentrator to go to a pawn shop are quite low. Also, the fact that most oxygen concentrators require a prescription means that most pawn shops will be hesitant to carry them in their inventory. So, do pawn shops buy oxygen concentrators? The short answer is most likely not. 

Where Can I Buy and Sell an Oxygen Concentrator? 

One of the most important places to sell an oxygen concentrator is a dedicated oxygen supply store like O2 Assist. Businesses like this provide the expertise that is hard to come by from a pawn shop or other second-hand store. As an authorized and reputable, we work with federal laws and regulations to ensure that your oxygen concentrator is at the peak of its performance capabilities when it gets transferred to new hands. 

This is why we recommend that you check out our re-certified oxygen concentrators page if you are interested in a used home oxygen concentrator or a used portable oxygen concentrator. On the other hand, if you are interested in selling your oxygen concentrator, check out our “sell us yours” page. 

More About O2 Assist 

O2 Assist is a purveyor of oxygen concentrator machines and is dedicated to helping our customers find the right machine for their treatment. Aside from detailing where to sell used oxygen concentrators and how to sell an oxygen concentrator, we provide a wide range of products ranging from home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators, car oxygen concentrators, and portable oxygen concentrator backpacks like the Inogen One G5 backpack.