Can an Oxygen Concentrator Run Continuously?

Depending on the kind of therapy that you or a loved one needs, people may need to use their oxygen concentrators more frequently. This may raise questions having to do with the machine’s effectiveness when it is used continuously or if it could overheat if used incorrectly. As an experienced purveyor of oxygen concentrators for sale, O2 Assist is here to make sure that you understand what to expect when the time comes for intensive or long-term oxygen therapy. So, can an oxygen concentrator run continuously? Continue reading below to learn more. 

Can Portable Oxygen Concentrators Be Used 24/7?

While portable oxygen concentrators need to be recharged when the batteries die, portable oxygen concentrators can be used continuously or even 24/7. However, someone that has such a need for oxygen treatment is much better off with a home oxygen concentrator because these appliances are better equipped for intensive, high-quality oxygen treatment. The technology that portable oxygen concentrators have is much more advanced than it has been in years past, which means that they have specific models designed to be long-lasting and portable. Some of the top portable oxygen concentrators on the market are: 

Is an Oxygen Concentrator Overheating a Common Occurrence? 

Some oxygen concentrators can overheat if they are not used under the proper conditions or not properly maintained. Some home oxygen concentrators for sale are best used in areas of the home that are well-ventilated and open. This could be a living room or large bedroom. Home oxygen concentrators are designed for continuous use, and the heat that it generates needs to have an area to escape. If the hot air that the appliance generates is not properly expelled, it will stay around the oxygen concentrator, which causes overheating and the ensuing malfunctions that accompany overheating. 

Properly cleaning the filter is one of the most important parts of maintenance because this catches dust and other particles that capture heat. If users do not clean their filters frequently, they run the risk of overheating their machines. In general, properly maintaining an oxygen concentrator is one of the most important considerations if you do not want to overheat your machine. 

Can I Use an Oxygen Concentrator 24/7 if It Is a Home Oxygen Concentrator? 

Most home oxygen concentrators are designed to be used all day. As mentioned above, using a home oxygen concentrator under improper conditions could lead to a malfunction due to overheating. 

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Can I use an oxygen concentrator 24/7, or can oxygen concentrators run continuously? The answer depends on the kind of oxygen concentrator that you have and the conditions that you keep it in.

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