Are There Portable Oxygen Concentrators for International Travel?

Someone that needs the assistance of a portable oxygen concentrator will likely want to learn if they will be able to travel with them internationally or on airplanes. As the technology advances for these types of devices, manufacturers place a greater emphasis on how to make them more comfortable and conducive to being a seamless part of your everyday life. This also includes making them a part of your scheduled airplane ride or international travel. If you want to learn more about portable oxygen concentrators for international travel, O2 Assist is here to assist you. Continue reading below to learn more from our experts. 

Is Traveling With an Oxygen Concentrator Possible? 

If you are in need of an oxygen concentrator and do not understand the different kinds of oxygen concentrators, you may be surprised to discover that many of our oxygen concentrators for sale are perfect for air travel. When it comes to oxygen concentrators, there are two different kinds: portable and home concentrators. The type most useful for travel is known as portable oxygen concentrators. As the name suggests, these kinds of oxygen concentrators are designed to be carried around with users as they enjoy their everyday life. 

In days past, an oxygen concentrator would need to be plugged into your home, making it stationary and not very portable. As mentioned above, the technology that goes into these machines continuously advances in a manner that allows them to have different characteristics and advantages for users. In modern times, many manufacturers of oxygen concentrators have designed them to be used for travel or regular life because of their lighter weight and durability.

What Is a Travel Oxygen Concentrator? 

A travel oxygen concentrator is one that manufacturers have designed with the primary advantage that they bring to customers being their weight and portability. Travel oxygen concentrators are designed to be as comfortable as possible for users. This includes having the correct dimensions and weight for fitting inside of a carry bag.

In fact, some of the most highly sought-after characteristics of a travel oxygen concentrator is making sure that they do not take up too much space since this would make traveling in cars or airplanes more uncomfortable. Travel oxygen concentrators also usually come with carrying cases or other accessories that make them more comfortable for transporting. Not only that but most oxygen concentrator accessories are designed for portable oxygen concentrators or portable oxygen concentrators for air travel. 

What Is the Best Oxygen Concentrator for Air Travel? 

As one of the most reliable purveyors of portable oxygen concentrators for sale, our experienced business can help point you or a loved one in the right direction for purchasing oxygen concentrators designed for air travel. There are many devices that complete the function of being useful for air travel, but some of the best portable oxygen concentrators for international travel are detailed below: 

Inogen One

This is one of the machines that is cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for travel, and for a good reason. This machine is one of the smallest, lightest, and most portable concentrators on the market. Further, this model also has a long-lasting battery life, which makes it perfect for certain flights that may be in the air for a longer time. One of the principal aspects of an oxygen concentrator that is designed for travel is the fact that they need to be quiet. The Inogen One is extremely quiet, thanks to the noise level being less than 39 decibels. 

SeQual Eclipse

The SeQual Eclipse is a popular portable oxygen concentrator for international travel because of the many different features that it has. This portable oxygen concentrator for air travel has options for both pulse dose and continuous flow settings, depending on the type of treatment that you or a loved one needs. 

More About O2 Assist

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