8 Oxygen Concentrator User Tips

Whether you’ve been using an oxygen concentrator for a while and need a refresher or you’re new to the game and need to learn it all, here are 8 tips that will help you use your oxygen concentrator more effectively and safely.

1. Treat Your Oxygen Concentrator the Same as Any Other Electronic

Just like most electronics, oxygen concentrator need to be treated gently and require special care. Do not leave your concentrator in the car, as it can easily over heat or become too cold. Keep it clean of dust and dirt and free from wetness and any sort of moisture. Be sure to use a protective case to lengthen the life of your unit.

2. Change the Filter Annually

Be sure to change your particle filter at least once yearly. The filter starts to wear down, after a year, and won’t do its job properly. It is important for your concentrator to have a clean, usable filter to catch dust, dirt, and other impurities in order to breath clean oxygen. Changing your filter will also keep your unit from jamming up from a buildup of particles.

3. No Smoking Near an Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen is not flammable, however, it is combustible. Because of this, a spark or hot piece of ash can quickly become a flame in the presence of pure oxygen. Be sure there are no open flames or anyone smoking within 8-10 feet of you. For more safety tips, be sure to check out our post here.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Your Unit

Learn the ins and outs of your unit, what each button, switch, and/or knob does, and what each alarm and error mean. Knowing how to use your unit properly can keep you and those around you safe.

5. Keep Additional Batteries on Hand

Be sure to keep additional batteries that are completely charged on hand and keep them with you. Also be sure to rotate these batteries equally. If you don't not intend to use your extra batteries, store them at 50% charge so battery cells do not become damaged.

6. Utilize Your Accessory Bag or Carrying Case

Utilizing an accessory bag is a great way to stay organized and prepared. Keep your additional batteries, cannulas, or any other necessary accessories or personal items in this bag for easy, on-the-go access. Not only does this help you stay organized and prepared, but it helps protect your gear and your unit.

7. Change Out the Cannula Monthly

Over time and with normal use, cannulas can start to fall apart and form cracks. These cracks become the perfect place for bacteria to hide and grow. This bacteria can contaminate the oxygen making it unclean and potentially harmful. For more information on caring for your nasal cannula, be sure to read this post.

8. Call With Any Questions

You can always call our toll free number at 866-603-7330 to talk to one of our professional and knowledgeable representatives. They are always happy to answer any questions you have and help and serve you in any way they can.