6 Things to Look for in a Battery-Operated Oxygen Concentrator

A Battery-Operated Oxygen Concentrator can be a great benefit to you. They allow you to remain healthily breathing without restricting your mobility. Make sure to get the right one for you and your oxygen needs and know what to look for!

  • Battery Life
  • How long does your battery-operated oxygen concentrator allow you to be mobile? Make certain that your personal oxygen concentrator meets your needs and provides you with the oxygen you need for the time that you need it before you invest. If you need an extended amount of time, look into POCs with a double battery option.

  • Weight and Size
  • A battery powered concentrator should be mobile. If your POC is too heavy or too large for you to comfortably travel with, the battery-operated nature will become a moot point. Before purchasing, try moving around with it. Whether you’re carrying your unit or rolling it in a case, make sure it is light and compact enough for your needs.

  • Warranty
  • POCs often come with a warranty. Before purchasing, ask about warranty and extended warranty options. Used units usually will not come with a warranty.

  • Pulse Dose or Continuous Flow
  • A Pulse Dose unit bases its oxygen flow on the breathing and inhaling of the user—aligning with your pulse. Whereas a Continuous Flow unit puts out a consistent flowrate of oxygen regardless of the user and their breathing. Consider your needs and consult with a medical professional to get the POC that best suits you.

  • Approved for Flight
  • Did you know that not all POCs are allowed on domestic and international flights? If you travel regularly, look into the approval status of your POC before purchasing.

  • Amount of Oxygen
  • Not all POCs are created equally. Your POC should fit your oxygen needs during sleep, activity, and rest. Be sure that your oxygen saturation needs are being met and are able to remain consistent.