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    Respironics EverFlo Q Home Concentrator

    The Respironics EverFlo Q is a home oxygen concentrator that delivers up to 5 LPM of continuous flow oxygen in a quiet unit that weighs around 31 pounds. The design features of the EverFlo combine quiet operation, compact design and low maintenance into a single unit. It delivers around 90 to 96 percent of oxygen concentration with liter flows that range from 0.5 to 5. 

    The stylish, compact design allows it to fit easily into any room without being an eyesore. It also features 4 wheels on the bottom of the machine that make it easy to move around in any setting. At an operating noise level of 40 decibels, it is as quiet as most normal household appliances. It also produces less heat than other home concentrators and requires less electricity to operate, reducing your operating costs. There are only 2 filters to replace, so there is minimal maintenance required on this unit. 


    Weight: 31 pounds
    Dimensions: 23″ H x 15″ W x 9.5″ L
    Decibel Level: 40
    Flow Rates: .5 to 5 LPM Continuous Flow
    Power: 120 VAC (+/- 10%), 60 Hz
    Power Consumption: 350 Watts
    Warranty: 5 Years
    Operating Ranges: Up to 7,500 Feet